It's time to sleep well.

I'm the founder of Olivia Mae Sleep and most importantly, Mum to two gorgeous boys with a third baby boy due early 2022. I am extremely passionate about helping families to establish healthy sleep habits with their babies and sleep through the night when they are ready. 

Does this sound like you?

Common Sleep "Problems"


You have been co-sleeping and ready to make the change so that your baby sleeps in their own safe sleep space.

Sleep Resistance

Your baby is waking every 1-2 hours overnight and needing you to help them fall back to sleep.


Your baby can and is only taking naps on you, all day every day.

Broken Sleep

You dream of your baby sleeping 11-12 hours overnight.

Sleep Props

Your baby relies on a dummy or a feed (or another sleep prop) to fall asleep and get back to sleep overnight.

Toddler Antics

Your toddler is now in a big-bed and has the freedom to get up throughout the night and come and find you! You want them to remain in their own bed and sleep independently.

Some common "problems"

I can help you with ...

Excessive night awakenings

Removing sleep associations such as feeding-to-sleep, rocking or holding-to-sleep, and motion sleep

Removing the dummy


Teaching a baby to self-settle and re-settle overnight and during nap time

Setting up flexible nap routines

Resistance at bedtime

Reducing and / or removing night feeding, when it is age appropriate and Mum wants to

Early morning wake-ups (before 6am)

Establishing 10-12 hours of independent sleep in baby’s own sleeping space

Handling various setbacks (including teething, travel, sleep regressions etc.)

    Getting to know me

    About Olivia Mae

    Hello, I’m Olivia! Founder of Olivia Mae Sleep and most importantly, Mum to two gorgeous boys with a third baby boy due early 2022. I am extremely passionate about helping families to establish healthy sleep habits with their babies and sleep through the night when they are ready. 

    I live a very active and fast paced life, and absolutely adore being a Mum. When I’m not with my two young boys I’m teaching or practicing Pilates, spending time with my girlfriends, or enjoying hikes and bike rides with my husband in and around Canberra. 

    Prior to becoming a Mum I was in the fitness industry. I spent over a decade coaching others on how to live a healthy lifestyle and to be the best version of themselves through gaining confidence in their activity in the gym. Health, freedom and connection are some of my highest values, and I actively lean into them every single day.

    As a Mum, I know that my kids get the absolute best of me when I am well rested; I am more patient, more creative, and more in love with my life as a parent. Sleep is absolutely essential for me to function at my best and this was ultimately my motivation for sleep training my babies. 

    As a first time Mum I was very much in the dark about what my baby’s sleep needs were. I understand first hand the debilitating feeling of being sleep deprived and living under what seems like a very dark cloud. Being someone that likes to be “in control” of my life, as a new Mum I felt out of my depth and extremely tired, all the time. I wasn’t functioning well; my moods were low and I knew there had to be a solution.

    I created Olivia Mae Sleep as a safe space for parents to explore what settling techniques may work for them and their families, and to form connections with my clients that are built on trust and non-judgement. I don’t use a one-size-for-all approach and all of my sleep plans are individual. I work closely with the parents to ensure we’re going at their pace and that they feel supported and heard.

    My Services

    Plans For All Families


    60 - Minute Phone Consultation
    (GST Included)

    Ideal for families that already have a routine of some sort established and are experiencing a set-back or recent sleep change. A great opportunity to pick my brain and ask lots of questions. Does not include sleep plan or follow-up.

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    (0-12 Weeks)

    2 Week Unlimited Support Package
    (GST Included)

    Designed to educate, nurture and support new parents through the fourth trimester. You will learn how to create the most ideal sleep space for your newborn that is safe and conducive to restorative sleep, and encourages good sleeping practices from day one.

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    2 - Week Unlimited Support Package
    (GST Included)

    My goal is to see your goals met! We can expect to see big changes within the first 3-nights of working together.

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    In Home Support

    3/6/12 Hourly Package Available
    Price upon enquiry.
    What kind of "problems" do you solve?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the right time to engage in a sleep consultant?

    When you identify there is a problem.

    I’m a big believer that a sleep problem only exists with a baby if a parent identifies one. Simply because your best friend does things in a different way with their baby, or a woman in your mothers’ group suggested you change a habit, does not make this a sleep problem.

    If you’re not getting adequate rest and feel exhausted, and run down, it suggests that both you and your baby may not be getting the sleep that you both need.

    How long does it take to see results?

    I like to see big changes within the first 2-3 nights of working together. If we don’t experience this then often it means the method is not the right fit for the baby’s temperament or that the parenting style doesn’t marry up well with the technique. These are aspects of sleep training that I always factor into writing my plans so it is rare that we need to change tact. 

    Within two weeks we will see sleep patterns change consistently overnight and some babies sleeping throughout the night without any feeds (if this is a goal of the parents).

    Will there be a lot of crying involved?

    Crying is one of the few ways a baby can communicate. It is important as parents that we learn our baby’s crying and recognise that it is not always due to pain, discomfort or sadness. And instead of trying to stop the tears, seek to understand where they are coming from and how we can solve for the root cause.

    For example, if a baby is overtired and extremely unsettled and sometimes hysterical at bedtime, address their awake times and ensure that bub is getting adequate sleep throughout the day so that bedtime can be a seamless time.

    In addition, if baby is waking unsettled and crying between bedtime and midnight it is common that a sleep association may be at play. Let’s look at the way that baby is falling asleep to try prevent these awakenings and give baby a more restorative sleep. 

    Learning a new skill can be frustrating for baby and learning to fall asleep independently is no different. Night one is always the most challenging for babies as they are experiencing something that is brand new and this often brings up a lot of resistance and crying. As we move past night one we tend to see less resistance and more understanding of what is going on.

    Do you encourage CIO?

    I do not support the cry-it-out method of sleep training. I know that there are much gentler and kinder approaches to sleep training and they are the methods that I choose to endorse.

    I do support the need for babies to communicate through their crying and think that it is very healthy and very normal. It is rare that a baby will not cry at all during sleep training as we are introducing something brand new for them.

    However, I believe in giving babies the right amount of physical and emotional support so that they know that they are safe and that their parents are close by, while also allowing them the space to see what’s possible in terms of falling asleep independently.

    Once my baby sleeps through the night, does that mean that they are sleep trained for their childhood?

    As long as our response to our babies remains the same from night to night, then their sleep patterns will remains mostly unchanged and very consistent throughout their childhood. It is common that when a baby becomes sick, or families travel, or babies experience a sleep regression, that the response from parents can change and therefore new habits are formed.

    However, I usually find that a baby that has been sleep trained and knows how to fall asleep independently will be quite resilient and move through periods of sickness, travel, teething and even some sleep regressions quite unfazed.

    My baby has recently begun teething, should I wait to start?

    Typically teething will only impact a baby's sleep for a couple of nights. If you suspect that your baby may be teething beyond this, my suggestion is to look at the way that your baby is falling asleep and being resettled overnight.

    If my baby goes through a sleep regression, will this negate all the efforts into sleep training them?

    All sleep regressions are temporary and a baby will move through a sleep regression in a matter of weeks (typically 1-3 weeks). The only exception to this is the 4-month sleep regression.

    The four-month sleep regression can occur anywhere between three and five months and is a permanent shift in the way our babies sleep. It is a period of time when a baby’s sleep matures and sleep can become more consolidated. If there is an external sleep association at play (eg. the dummy, feeding / rocking /motion to sleep etc) then it is likely that a baby’s sleep will become fragmented and short once the four-month regression has hit.

    Creating a healthy and safe sleep environment right from newborn will support you little one's sleep right from the beginning. This includes a dark room, white noise and sleeping in their own safe sleep space.  

    What do my parents (clients) say?


    "Olivia is so knowledgeable and supportive, and very kind in her approach"

    Olivia came recommended to us by a friend. Our 9-month old was waking 1-2 hours overnight and we were all exhausted. Within 4 nights Matilda was sleeping through the night, it was quite incredible.
    Olivia is so knowledgeable and supportive, and very kind in her approach. We feel like we've been given such a gift by regaining so much sleep, it's been an amazing transition for the whole family.

    Issy, Mum of 9-month old Matilda

    "I really liked the sleep log and that Olivia would add comments about what patterns she was seeing in Emma's sleep."

    I was so impressed with the initial assessment and the program written for Emma. It was very clear and detailed and easy to understand. I really liked the sleep log and that Olivia would add comments about what patterns she was seeing in Emma's sleep. It was really helpful for me to see a picture of Emma's progress this way. We loved the pick-up put-down recommendation as not only has it worked well for Emma but it was a gentler method and we both felt very comfortable in doing it. We can't thank Olivia enough!

    Stacey, Mum of 6-month old Emma

    "Liv helped me to understand what my baby needed."

    I must admit that I was sceptical and hesitant at first, but quickly this changed. Liv helped me to understand what my baby needed. She gave me a schedule to follow which my baby fell into so naturally and helped all of us get a FULL night’s sleep. Liv was so supportive during the process and gave me endless informationand strategies to overcome certain situations. I feel like a whole new person and that I can now do this whole motherhood thing. I’ve learnt so so much it’s ridiculous. And I have more me time and more adult time!

    Emily, Mum of 8-month old Isla

    "She made us feel at ease with the whole process."

    When our youngest hit the four-month sleep regression we got in contact with Liv right away. From that point forward Liv set us up with a plan for how we would introduce gentle settling techniques and she guided us through the process step by step. Liv has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baby sleep. She made us feel at ease with the whole process. Our youngest is now sleeping like a champ and this gives me more time to focus on our energetic two-year old.

    Siobhan, Mum of 4-month old Adelina

    "Olivia made herself available for me each and everyday."

    By night four, my 12-month old slept for 12 hours and he has been doing that consistently since. I am in disbelief at how quickly and easily our sleep plan worked. We regret not contacting Olivia months earlier! Our expectations were absolutely met and we’ve since gained so much useful information to keep the plan on track and guidance for the times when unforeseen regression occurs. Olivia made herself available for me each and every day and she never made me feel stupid for asking numerous questions. Olivia’s guidance and support gave us the confidence to persevere with our son’s sleep plan and our rapid results are a testament to her approach and tailored sleep plans. Olivia’s sleep logs were really helpful, texting her at any time of the day for help was also very comforting, and if my son could talk I’m sure he would thank her for the nice big sleeps he gets now, we’re a happy and well-rested family!

    Caila, Mum of 12-month-old Parker

    "Olivia's entire service was above and beyond expectations."

    We tried QE11 in Canberra, however felt that we were provided with no strategies or advice. My husband and I got to a point where we were so tired, life was getting way too hard and our other kids were starting to be impacted. We really needed someone to spell out what we needed to do and thought that Olivia would do just that (which she has!!) Olivia's entire service was above and beyond expectations. We really appreciated the check ins and the time she made to discuss concerns along the way. We felt 110% supported and we were just so impressed with Olivia's experience and knowledge. We went from waking every two hours to sleeping through the night within a couple of days. This was due to Olivia's excellent strategies and clear instructions about what we needed to do to make this happen. Our expectations were exceeded!

    Jenn, Mum of 21-month-old Hunter

    "The positive support and guidance Olivia demonstrated was outstanding."

    Initially, I was very nervous going into 'sleep training' however it has been a hugely positive experience for us.
    We have gone from feeding-to-sleep for all naps and overnight sleep and awakenings, to our baby now being able to self-settle and having age-appropriate night awakenings. The positive support and guidance Olivia demonstrated was outstanding. She took a holistic approach and was there to support us every step of the way. We have been able to implement a flexible routine, and my husband and I are now able to enjoy a warm meal together each night. The support Olivia provided was fantastic. She was there to help us through each step and if something wasn't working for us she provided alternatives. We will forever be grateful for the support and sleep guidance Olivia has given us.

    Timara, Mum of 5-month-old Aspyn